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Music Education Network for
The Visually Impaired

An International Coalition of Parents, Educators, and Students
telephone: 818-921-4976

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This site has been developed for the blind and visually impaired as well as easy access for the sighted.

Membership Information

What is MENVI?

Music Education Network for The Visually Impaired (MENVI) is an information network composed of musicians, specialists, students, parents, and music educators of visually impaired students. The MENVI Advisory Committee is made up entirely of blind musicians and teachers. MENVI exists for, and is guided by blind musicians.

What is The Source?

Updates to this section will be coming soon.

What is The Purpose?

The needs of blind students of music are unique. Parents need to be informed of what is available for their children in the area of music education, and educators must have access to specialized materials and how to use them. Not all teachers of music are knowledgeable of the braille music code. They should, however, encourage braille music literacy at the earliest levels. MENVI provides a network of information as well as a resource guide to braille music and the teaching of blind children and adults.

Benefits of Membership

Membership in MENVI provides you with a link to a regular journal of what's going on in music education. Registered members are provided with a complete Membership Roster listing all contact information. The News Journal includes experiences shared by blind musicians, parents, students, and their teachers.

Is There a Cost?

There is no cost to join our group, only a sincere interest and belief that music is not merely a luxury or a "frill" in education, but a powerful and necessary tool for growth.

Will We Be Asked For Contributions?

Yes! You will be asked to give your support by overseeing your child's progress and maintaining a working contact with teachers. We ask you to report progress and problems by contributing short but informative articles to our News Journal. This allows us to "network" and share valuable information with others in our mailings.

MENVI news journals provide a permanent archive of experiences and progress as the ever increasing demand for braille music skills moves forward. Past issues are always available upon request, and will remain an accumulative published resource and reference. Problem sharing and solving is an essential function of MENVI. All News Journals are published on our Website. Just click on the newsletters link anywhere you see it on the site.

Currently, the cost for MENVI services is sponsored by Dancing Dots, L.P. Supporting Members are listed as such in our yearly roster. Subscriber membership is free, and is all that is required.

What Other Information and Support Can We Expect?

As Music Specialist for California Transcribers and Educators for the Blind and Visually Impaired, CTEBVI, Richard Taesch is able to call upon the expertise of the Music Committee for questions and answers to problems. Other resources available for consultation and expertise include National Braille Association Music Committee, The Library of Congress Braille Development Section, the MENVI Specialists Committee, and many information sources available on the World Wide Web.

Music transcribers can be located and, in many instances, braille music files can be sent to readers on-line via e-mail. We encourage inquiries from parents and educators alike. Communication by phone or e-mail is encouraged.

MENVI Specialists Committee

MENVI Specialists are appointed professionals and experts in their fields. They are available to share information and guidance in their areas of expertise, and may be contacted by members and non-members for help at any time.

How Do I Join The Group?

A short application is provided by clicking on the link in this paragraph or anywhere in the table of links around the site. News journals are available to subscribers, and a new membership roster is published each spring. The roster is available only to registered members and will include your telephone number and address. This information is necessary to ensure a workable communication "network" among members. Membership assumes your permission to include you in our published roster. News Journals are also available on line. Please read our privacy policy to understand what is done with your personal information along the network.

MENVI Specialists Committee

This is a list of Specialists belonging to the MENVI network. To E-mail them, click on the appropriate link. If you have questions, please and tell him who you are trying to contact and what address you are using. Please be specific as this will aid in responding quicker. If you call and get voice mail, please leave your name, number, who you are trying to contact, and the problem you are having. You will get a call back within 24-48 hours in most cases.

  1. Band Music Director Erick J. Senkmajer, Director Port Huron Northern High School and St. Clair County Community College Port Huron, Michigan Linked In
  2. Braille Piano Music Library Resources Stephanie Pieck, Concert Pianist; Braille Music Instructor
  3. Braille Music Textbooks and Formats Ed Godfrey, Braille Program Assistant, Washington Talking Book and Braille Library, Seattle
  4. College/University Disabled Student Services
  5. VI Computer Music Access and Instruction - David Pinto, VI Music Instruction and Computer Access; President of and Director of Academy of Music for the Blind
  6. Large Print
    • JHM Consulting, Inc., (Formerly: President, LRS Large Print)
    • Large Print and Publications William McCann, President of Dancing Dots Braille Music Technology
  7. Music Transcriber Training and Certification Karen Gearreald, Braille Music Advisor/instructor For The Library of Congress Washington DC
  8. National Braille Association Music Committee Lawrence Smith, NBA Music Committee
  9. Professional Transcriber Software and Technology Robert Stepp, President of Computer Application Specialties Company (Ed-It Pc; Braille 2000
  10. Student Certification (Practical/Theory examinations) Grant Horrocks, SCCM Piano and Conservatory divisions (deceased)
  11. Accessible Notation Software and Braille Music Translation Bill McCann, President of Dancing Dots Braille Music Technology
  12. Postsecondary Braille Music Literacy and Advocacy Valerie Gaer
  13. Programs and Resources - David Goldstein, Director, National ResourceCenter for Blind Musicians
  14. Music therapy, early childhood music, and multiply disabled musicians Kaiti Shelton, MT-BC. Music Therapist-Board Certified

This completes the MENVI specialists Committee.

California Transcribers and Educators for the Blind and Visually Impaired (ctebvi) Logo. It has CTE at the top, for the in braille font, and BVI underneath with a yellow background.

California Transcribers and Educators for the Blind and Visually Impaired CTEBVI

A special link to CTEBVI website and Journal archive is provided here for interested individuals, and for MENVI members. Members and others may access MENVI news via "Music in Education" a periodic column contributed by MENVI founder and CTE Music Specialist, Richard Taesch. The link is

Children's Eye Foundation of aapos VISION THROUGH MUSIC.

Vision Through Music

Vision Through Music hosts a searchable registry of teachers with experience teaching blind and visually impaired students, a resources section for blind musicians, and educational content for teachers and students. Contact us at

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