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Things I'm involved in
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MENVI links of interest

These links may be of interest to our members and visitors. Permission has been granted to post these links.

  1. Academy of Music for the Blind
  2. Alternate Text Production Center
  3. California Transcribers and Educators for the Blind and Visually Impaired
  4. Dancing Dots Braille Music Technology, L.P.
  5. Free braille transcriptions of guitar music
  6. IRealB, The perfect practice tool for professional musicians and music students Application accessible for IOS only
  7. Lighthouse International
  8. LRS Large Print
  9. National Braille Press Inc.
  10. National Resource Center for blind Musicians
  11. National Library Service music blog NLS Music Notes is a blog for and about those who want, need or provide the special format music of braille, audio, and large print offered by the Music Section of the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, Library of Congress. The blog will showcase its collection, which covers both classical and popular music, with posts of new titles added, along with interviews of and articles about blind and low vision musicians, music braille transcribers, as well as features about current music events and activities.
  12. Raised bar
  13. Hints and tips for Sibelius accessibility
  15. Vision Through Music

This completes the section on MENVI links of interest. If any link becomes broken, please Contact MENVI and notify us of the broken link and we will be able to get in contact with the webmaster if possible. If we can't, the link will be removed after we are notified of the broken link.

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Special Downloads

This section of the web site has moved to a new documents section for ease of convenience. Please find our special downloads there.

The Special Downloads include UEB info of interest, the College Survival Guide and may also include other documents of interest. Thanks so much for checking this section of the page out!

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Other links of general music interest

These are links to general music issues, blogs, and articles of interest to our members. Should the articles linked here be broken, please submit a contact form, stating the article title, and the date in which the article was posted so Jared Rimer can remove it. Mention there is a bug with the web site in the combo box, and mention this links page and specific section to better help us maintain the page.

Starting with updates from October 6, 2012, each list will be based on the date in which the update takes place. We will continue to put the dates of submissions. Once every three months, about two to three months of links will be removed if time allows us to do that.

The content here in this category does not reflect the opinions of MENVI, Jared Rimer, or any agency otherwise linked from the web site of MENVI itself. Thanks for your continued support, and we hope you enjoy the section!

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other links of general interest

These links may be of general interest to the community.

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Things I'm involved in

Hello. My name is Jared Rimer. Here are the web sites I maintain. Why not go check them out?

  1. Email Host Security
  2. My Personal page.
  3. The Technology blog and podcast
  4. a listing of all my podcasts
  5. The Jared Rimer network, where everything is listed in one place
  6. Braille Transcription With Braille2000 As A Blind Person: Home Page

This completes the things I'm involved in section.

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The links here are to those who have made significant contributions to the blind music community.


We are not responsible for the links as they fall outside of MENVI's domain.

  1. Janet Quam (August 2023)
  2. Wayne Siligo (February 2022)
  3. Christina (Tina) Davidson) (January 2022)
  4. Jacob Sexton (February 2021)
  5. Bettye Krolick (August 2011)
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