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Privacy policy of MENVI

This is to describe what we do with information collected from users and what it is used for. We hope you will take the time to read this document and if you have questions, contact the webmaster through the contact page and I'll explain it.

Privacy policy updated as of 18:24 9/12/2016

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If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call or send us a contact form.

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Notes From the Webmaster

If you find broken links on this Web page, please Contact MENVI. Kindly be specific when reporting broken links, as this will aid in repairing problems more quickly.

You may call the Webmaster at 818-921-4976. You may also text the webmaster or voice on Whats App by using 804-442-6975. Please leave a message if there is no response. Include your name, phone number, and the nature of the problem. We will only contact you if we need aditional information. Enjoy the Site!

Copyright and privacy statement

No portions of this Web Page may be reproduced. MENVI and The JRN are two different entities. Any third party links are the responsibility of their respective web sites and The JRN nor MENVI are responsible for any errors, omissions, etc. when leaving the MENVI Domain.

MENVI takes your privacy of your personal information very seriously. Since 2003, we've never sold, rented, disclosed, distributed or given any member information to anyone that is a non-member of this network. Contact information we have is not for sale! MENVI advisors info is for the public, and our web site has email links, and we can freely give out other information about them. Questions? Please contact us!