Our MENVI disclosure and procedures

Before we get to the application, there is a disclosure all visitors must read. This disclosure is necessary as it makes sure that users are aware of what we collect and why.

Web site disclosure

This application asks for name, address, E-mail address, age where appropriate, and newsletter and discussion preference. The name, address and E-mail address are put in to a roster that is sent out once a year to members of the network. We will cancel your membership upon a request to do so through this application.

The people receiving the application are: Jared Rimer, Janet Quam, and Richard Taesch. Please contact Jared Rimer through our contact page if any questions. Richard handles the roster, Janet the subscription requests, and Jared puts the applications in an internal place for processing.

If you are under the age of 13, you may not fill out this application. We ask that you have a parent or legal guardian complete the application for you.

To read our full privacy policy, please go to our privacy policy page to read it.

Please feel free at any time to contact the online team if you have any questions, comments, or concerns on how MENVI online treats your personal information. Your privacy is very important to us!

By signing up, you signify that you have your parents permission where appropriate, or the legal authority to sign up. MENVI online may call or E-mail if clarification is required.

If you continue to the application, you are signifying that you are agreeing to this web site disclosure.

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