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If you do not get a response within 72 hours, please contact MENVI online by calling 818-921-4976. We may have sent it, however, sometimes, we can't get mail to you. This may be caused by many different reasons including temporary issues, or a more permanent error we can't fix or have tried to fix. We will tell you whats happening, and may be able to give you a solution so you may contact us again in the future. We'll also give you the answers to your questions, or refer you to someone if we are not able to do so.

If you have skype: you may call Jared Rimer by clicking on the button or you may add Jared Rimer first by adding jaredr80. When adding Jared Rimer, let him know who it is. Thanks.

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If you wish to call the online division of MENVI, please call 818-921-4976. You can also text or whatsapp 804-442-6975.

Our privacy policy states that we collect information to allow us to contact you. This information is required to fulfill your request. Once your request is fulfilled, the information is discarded. Please read our full policy to see what we collect. If you are under the age of 13, rules indicate that you may contact us without parental consent as long as we use your information only to answer your inquiry. We will discard the information once your request has been responded to. Please do not use this form if you do not agree with this policy.

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If you are wanting a call and you are outside the United States, please write the telephone number the way it needs to be dialed. If you would prefer to call MENVI, please call 866-824-7876 (U.S or Canada) everyone else 818-921-4976. All required fields are marked in red. and alternitive text will say required.

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