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Please fill out the following form and click the submit button. Note, we do not ask for credit card number, etc. so this is perfectly safe. Also, the only information that is required is whether you are updating, a new member, or cancelling, as well as name and E-mail address. We have had members not include certain information, or if they included it, requested in the comment box for us to keep it for internal use only, and not to be published in the member roster.

Please fill out the comment box if you have an additional E-mail address, address, phone number, etc. If you are filling out a form because you are updating your information or canceling membership, select that option in the General Section of this form. If you would rather certain information to be kept within the network for internal use only, i.e. phone number, kindly use the comment box for this purpose.

If you do not receive a welcome letter by E-mail within 72 hours, please contact MENVI online by calling 818-921-4976. We may have attempted to send it, however, sometimes, we can't get mail to you for many different reasons including temporary issues, or a more permanent error we can't fix or have tried to fix. When you contact us, we will do our best to diagnose the problem and try to resolve it for you.

If you need assistance with text promptings, move your mouse over the edit box or combo box for further instructions. Blind patrons may contact us by telephone for clarification. If you have made an error on the form, simply click on the "Erase Your Entries and try again" button. This will clear the whole form for you to try again. Thanks for joining/updating!

Are you Updating? New Member? Cancelling service? Select one.

If updating, please only fill out the sections that you are changing. Note, when putting your name, you must put an E-mail address. Please also verify newsletter subscription preference as that is required.

Parent and Child Section

If you are an educator, or a transcriber please go to the educator/transcriber section. If you are a musician, [proceed directly to the musicians section.

Parent's Name:
Student's Name:
Musical Instrument(s):
address 2
State or province:
Phone: (international [members: Please include] international codes such as country, city, etc.)
E-mail address:

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Educator or Transcriber Section

If membership is for an educator or a transcriber, please fill in the following information. If not, leave the section completely blank and go to our general section of this form. If you are a musician, you may go to our musicians section.

Are you a transcriber or educator?
Educator or transcriber Name:
Affiliation (School, etc.):
Address type:
Educator address line one
State or province
Phone: (international [members: Please include] international codes such as country, city, etc.)
E-mail address:

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Musicians Section

If you have filled out the sections you need, skip directly to the general section.

Musician's name:
Musical Instrument(s):
address 2
State or province
Phone (international members: Please include] international codes such as country, city, etc.)
E-mail address:

General Section

Please specify a delivery method for your newsletters and rosters subscription. After that, select whether you want to be on our discussion list, and then select the submit button to submit this form to the online team.

Please make sure everything is correct before submitting this application. MENVI only offers electronic delivery of membership rosters and/or journal updates. If there is a delivery problem, MENVI may remove your e-mail address and other contact information from its database. We cannot take responsibility for delivery failures caused by inaccurate submissions.

Optional Fields

The rest of the application is optional. We are going to ask you whether you'd like to be on our MENVI discussion list, and if so, what address you'd like subscribed. We'll also ask you where you heard of MENVI. Our comment box for questions etc. is below these optional fields.

Would you like the MENVI Online team to subscribe you to the MENVI discussion list?
If you subscribe to our discussion list, what E-mail address would you like for us to use?

If you have additional information you'd like to provide, including where you found us, please fill out the following comment box. (Please DO NOT use RAW HTML code.) If providing URL's (web links), kindly type them as you would in your web browser.

Additional information or comments such as where you found us, E-mail, etc.

Thank you for joining or updating your information with the network!

That completes the application. If you were just browsing, please selct another link around the site from the links below. Thanks for visiting!

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You may call the Webmaster at 818-921-4976. You may also text the webmaster or voice on Whats App by using 804-442-6975. Please leave a message if there is no response. Include your name, phone number, and the nature of the problem. We will only contact you if we need aditional information. Enjoy the Site!

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MENVI takes your privacy of your personal information very seriously. Since 2003, we've never sold, rented, disclosed, distributed or given any member information to anyone that is a non-member of this network. Contact information we have is not for sale! MENVI advisors info is for the public, and our web site has email links, and we can freely give out other information about them. Questions? Please contact us!